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Dasvant is a noncommercial showcase for us to exhibit the work we have shot/done/distorted. It's our turn to get behind the camera. Sorry for the the glitches and mistakes.


Dasvant is derived from the word das[u]vant in Hittite language. It means blind. We have chosen it as a title for its obvious irony and as a small tribute to the cultural heritage of the land on which we live.



read more Preparing Cyanotype Emulsion 

posted on 24.06.2014 

Preparing Cyanotype Emulsion
by Serdar Bilici

Cyanotype A (400 ml)
Distilled Water
100 gr Ammonium Ferric Citrate
20 ml Hydrogen Peroxide
1 gr Sodium Benzoate
4 gr Oxalic Acid (Optional)

Cyanotype B (400 ml)
Distilled Water
48 gr Potassium Ferricyanide
0,8 gr Ammonium Dichromate (Optional)

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posted on 03.02.2014 

Photos: Ozlem & Can Mengiliboru

Star trails
Kizilcahamam, Ankara, 01.01.2014




read more hyacinth in water 

posted on 15.01.2014 

27 November 2013
Hyacinth bulbs in water in a dark cold area

6 January 2014
The roots has grown and the top has begun to elongate after six weeks


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posted on 31.12.2013 

2013 - a visual summary by dasvant


Origami owls, January 2013


read more eylemde 

posted on 09.12.2013 

07.09.2013, Ankara 100. Yıl, Turkey

read more #direngezi 

posted on 12.08.2013 

#direngezi, #direnankara, #occupygezi

read more blue 

posted on 24.07.2013 

Karaburun, Izmir-Turkey, July 2013

Photos: Can Mengiliboru



read more civilitatem 

posted on 08.07.2013 

Highly simplified, slightly distorted, completely personal history of civilization.

Note: Objects are regional, other geographies may have given rise to different events.

Video by Ozlem Mengiliboru
Music: Funeral Part 1-In The Nursery
Canon EOS 5D mark ll, 30.06.2013, Ankara


read more beypazari, nallihan, goynuk 

posted on 07.05.2013 

Beypazari, Ankara-Turkey 27.04.2013

Photos: Ozlem Mengiliboru

read more infantile amnesia - behind the scenes 

posted on 18.03.2013 

Stop motion animation


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