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Dasvant is a noncommercial showcase for us to exhibit the work we have shot/done/distorted. It's our turn to get behind the camera. Sorry for the the glitches and mistakes.


Dasvant is derived from the word das[u]vant in Hittite language. It means blind. We have chosen it as a title for its obvious irony and as a small tribute to the cultural heritage of the land on which we live.






dasvant is a project of stb

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posted on 13.12.2014 

Multiple exposure, long exposure, crop...
Totally coincidentally...
Photos: O.Mengiliboru


Istanbul-Turkey, 17.11.2014

read more paris 

posted on 27.11.2014 

Paris, September 2014

Photos: C.Mengiliboru

iffel, 27.09.2014 (HDR)

read more fabula 2 

posted on 15.10.2014 

A stop motion animation using bookmarks. They have been separated from their original contexts to become parts of a brand new story. Fabula means story in Latin.

Animation: Ozlem Mengiliboru

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posted on 18.09.2014 

A stop motion animation using cross polarization technique and transparent plastic objects.

Iridis: Rainbow


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posted on 15.09.2014 

Belair X 6-12 Cityslicker, 6 x 12 auto-exposure medium format camera
Photos: C.Mengiliboru

Haydarpasa, Turkey, 17.08.2014
Lomography Redscale film



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    kutluyorum, çok beğendim. devam... Erdal  
    14.10.2014, 10:40
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read more Peace 

posted on 02.09.2014 

01.09.2014, Peace Day, Ankara-Turkey
Photos: C.Mengiliboru



read more Salis, Solis, Lunam 

posted on 21.08.2014 

09.08.2014, Kulu (Duden) Lake and Lake Tuz, Turkey

Salis Solis Lunam: Salt Sun Moon

Photo & Video: Ozlem & Can Mengiliboru


read more Coating Paper for Alternative Printing 

posted on 23.07.2014 

Coating Paper for Alternative Printing by Loris Medici

read more Preparing Cyanotype Emulsion 

posted on 24.06.2014 

Preparing Cyanotype Emulsion
by Serdar Bilici

Cyanotype A (400 ml)
Distilled Water
100 gr Ammonium Ferric Citrate
20 ml Hydrogen Peroxide
1 gr Sodium Benzoate
4 gr Oxalic Acid (Optional)

Cyanotype B (400 ml)
Distilled Water
48 gr Potassium Ferricyanide
0,8 gr Ammonium Dichromate (Optional)

read more trends in photography 

posted on 03.02.2014 

Photos: Ozlem & Can Mengiliboru

Star trails
Kizilcahamam, Ankara, 01.01.2014




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