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Dasvant is a noncommercial showcase for us to exhibit the work we have shot/done/distorted. It's our turn to get behind the camera. Sorry for the the glitches and mistakes.


Dasvant is derived from the word das[u]vant in Hittite language. It means blind. We have chosen it as a title for its obvious irony and as a small tribute to the cultural heritage of the land on which we live.






dasvant is a project of stb

play dough 6: big brother's watching you 

posted on 25.04.2011 

Experiments with play dough. This time play dough (and the animator) was racing with the slider. The camera shot at 20-second intervals on a DIY motorized slider (igus rail). We had 20 seconds for every play dough shape. We didn't have the luxury of reshooting frames, as even a slight variation would cause a jerk/glitch in the otherwise smooth movement. It was extremely tense and repetitive work. The quality of animation and expression ended up not meeting our expectations. Behind the scene coming soon..


  • trerdall
    özlemcim, süper olmuş. gurulandım ve duygulandım. ciddi... erdal yılmaz 
    15.06.2011, 15:34