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Dasvant is a noncommercial showcase for us to exhibit the work we have shot/done/distorted. It's our turn to get behind the camera. Sorry for the the glitches and mistakes.


Dasvant is derived from the word das[u]vant in Hittite language. It means blind. We have chosen it as a title for its obvious irony and as a small tribute to the cultural heritage of the land on which we live.






dasvant is a project of stb

read more play dough 7: 236 days of play dough 

posted on 08.10.2012 

Why 236? Actually it was going to be 365 and the title would have been "One year of play dough". The aim was to make one move per day and photograph it. It started on January 1st, 2012 and was intended to be finished on December 31st, 2012. There was no pre-planned form or progression. It was completely coincidental.

However... On the 236th day, The LCD screen of the GoPro broke. We were already ending up with inaccurate frames with the LCD, it was totally impossible to keep shooting without seeing. So, the project ended

Everything had been coincidental, except for the duration. With the LCD breaking, even the duration became coincidental. I guess that's what "the project" deemed appropriate.


read more modulor 

posted on 05.07.2011 

The anthropometric and numeric scale of proportions, named "Modulor" by the architect Le Corbusier, is an effort to achieve a universal standard. However, standardization is always problematic as it leaves out anything that is perceived as a deviation. As Jung said, we can calculate the average weight of all the pebbles on a beach and find the specific number 145 grams, whereas in fact there may not be even a single stone on that beach weighing exactly that.

This short stop motion animation is an effort to pit standard and nonstandard (real or imaginary) against each other.

Animation: Ozlem Mengiliboru
Filmed by: Can Mengiliboru
Music: Garageband

  • ozlem
    hamurun içindeki her tür tanımlama, belirleme, sınırlandırma çabasına kafa tutan cinsten. 
    13.07.2011, 12:23
  • trerdall
    bir taraftan insanın düzeni sağlamak üzere herşeyi biribirine benzetme, aynılaştırma çabası, öte yandan rutini bozma, düzenli olanı reddetme içgüdüsü... merak ediyorum. Hamurun içindeki ruh kimindi? çok beğendim. Sevgi ve saygılarımla. Erdal Yılmaz 13/07/2011  
    13.07.2011, 10:56
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read more play dough 6: behind the scene 

posted on 05.05.2011 

"Play Dough 6: Big Brother's Watching You" shot using a DIY-Motorized Timelapse Slider (Igus Rail).

read more play dough 6: big brother's watching you 

posted on 25.04.2011 

Experiments with play dough. This time play dough (and the animator) was racing with the slider. The camera shot at 20-second intervals on a DIY motorized slider (igus rail). We had 20 seconds for every play dough shape. We didn't have the luxury of reshooting frames, as even a slight variation would cause a jerk/glitch in the otherwise smooth movement. It was extremely tense and repetitive work. The quality of animation and expression ended up not meeting our expectations. Behind the scene coming soon..


  • trerdall
    özlemcim, süper olmuş. gurulandım ve duygulandım. ciddi... erdal yılmaz 
    15.06.2011, 15:34
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read more play dough 5: creatus 

posted on 17.01.2011 

Experiments with play dough.

read more play dough 4: deus ex machina 

posted on 25.12.2010 

Experiments with play dough.

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