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Dasvant is a noncommercial showcase for us to exhibit the work we have shot/done/distorted. It's our turn to get behind the camera. Sorry for the the glitches and mistakes.


Dasvant is derived from the word das[u]vant in Hittite language. It means blind. We have chosen it as a title for its obvious irony and as a small tribute to the cultural heritage of the land on which we live.






dasvant is a project of stb

read more seagulls 2 

posted on 17.02.2015 

Istanbul, Turkey, February 2015

Photos: Can Mengiliboru




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posted on 13.12.2014 

Multiple exposure, long exposure, crop...
Totally coincidentally...
Photos: O.Mengiliboru


Istanbul-Turkey, 17.11.2014

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posted on 15.09.2014 

Belair X 6-12 Cityslicker, 6 x 12 auto-exposure medium format camera
Photos: C.Mengiliboru

Haydarpasa, Turkey, 17.08.2014
Lomography Redscale film



  • trerdall
    kutluyorum, çok beğendim. devam... Erdal  
    14.10.2014, 10:40
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read more seagulls 

posted on 12.06.2012 

Seagulls with ND filter, Istanbul, Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

Photos: Can Mengiliboru

F-stop: f/11
Exposure time: 1/8 sec.
ISO: 50
ND filter: 0,9 (3 stop)


  • trerdall
    sevgili arkadaşım, martılar bir başka şeye dönüşmüş... feci etkilendim... deniz tuttu beni. Erdal Yılmaz 29/06/2012 - Ankara 
    29.06.2012, 07:30
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read more yerebatan 

posted on 02.12.2010 

Handheld stills from "Venetian Dream" exhibition in Yerebatan Cistern. The exhibition displayed glass works by Italian glass artists.


read more stella persequor 

posted on 08.11.2010 

We dug into our old timelapse shots while working on the star trail method and ended up with this video. To achieve proper exposure at the Kuğulu Park shot (Swan Park, Ankara) we utilized the variable ND filter.

  • ozlem
    kuğular gitti, izi kaldı payidar.. 
    09.11.2010, 07:58
  • ergun.kilic
    Kuğular nerdeeeeeeeeeeeeee 
    09.11.2010, 00:30
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read more tukuazoo 

posted on 11.10.2010 

Handheld shots from İstanbul Turkuazoo trip.

  • guest
    that is some big fish tank... 
    01.11.2010, 00:52
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read more istanbulapse 

posted on 30.08.2010 

The visual remains of our 6-day Istanbul trip.

We were too lazy to get up early. So, it's all noon light, which is not ideal.

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